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New Single Release October 4th, 2019


What is NEF…

Jazz is their passion, Funk is their Jam, and their purpose as a band is to bring you the latest in “JUNK” music. Never Ending Fall grew up in the small town of Fallston, MD and what started out as a close knit group of friends soon turned into a power house jam band. They have an eclectic repertoire that envelopes many different styles of music so there’s something for everyone. NEF’s mission is simple- to put a smile on your face and kick in your step.




Jack Miller

Is a powerhouse musician who plays the guitar, the piano and sings all during one performance and sometimes throughout one song. He started out playing the guitar at the age of four, but his love for the stringed instrument soon grew into a love for all kinds instruments. His appreciation for The Grateful Dead paved his career in the Jam world, but his fondness for artists such as Joe Pass and Braxton Cook, gave his Bam band style a deliciously Jazzy twist.


Tommy St.Clair

The day-one mastermind … Tommy St.Clair lives and breathes rhythm. If he could, he’d spend every minute of the day at his drum set or behind a piano. His background in Jazz percussion and love for the FUNK helped formulate NEF’s unique genre of “JUNK.” Along with Conrad Boyd, Tom was one of the original members of the band formed back when the boys still had a curfew. Tommy studies Commercial Jazz Performance at Towson University.


Conrad Boyd

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be “portaled” just close your eyes and let Conrad’s sweet licks take you to the next dimension. His unique style of Jazz and Blues brings a sound to NEF that can only be described as out of this world.  Conrad studies Jazz guitar at Towson University in Maryland.

In his past time, Conrad takes pictures of the sunset and enjoys sneaking into music festivals. If you can’t find him, he’s probably outside strumming an acoustic guitar in the grass without any shoes on.


Johnny Hohman

If you know him you’d know that he brings a profound energy with him everywhere he goes. Informally known as “John the Vibe,” he always has a smile on his face whether slapping the bass, belting out a Rolling Stones song or saying hi to fans after a show. It would not be a far cry to say that Johnny Hohman is the face of Never Ending Fall as it is almost impossible to forget him once you’ve met him. Apart from his ability to SLAP THE BASS, Johnny has a particular ear for sound. After studying at the Sheffield Institute for the Recording arts, he was certified in both Audio Engineering and the study of sound waves. He now records many different bands around the DMV area.


Maddy St.Clair

She might be the only woman in the band, but she’s always been one of the boys. For as long as she can remember she’s had a passion for both singing and writing. As a writing major at Goucher College she’s learned a lot about how to turn her words into tunes. Her greatest inspiration is Amy Winehouse whose poems transcended the limits of writing and became much more than pen and paper.


Pearce Eisenhardt

Like a crack of lightning, two cars colliding, a wave crashing on the shore- Pearce's sound is explosive. Not only does he know how to rip a guitar solo to the gods, but he holds a rhythm tighter than a mother holds her new born child. Not only is he handsome, but his guitar licks are as pleasant to the ears as his face is to the eyes (Ladies). Apart from his love for music, Pearce has a passion for photography and studied graphic design at HCC.


Graceson Moore

It is not everyday that you see a badass flute player like Graceson Moore whistling away to the sound of JUNK jam. Graceson brings zest to the group with intricate and melodic runs that intrigue and encapsulate the attention of any audience. With a background in both classic and jazz musicianship, Graceson knows just what a song needs to take it to the next level.


Mike Paxton

No one Loves Coltrane the way Mike Paxton loves Coltrane. Mike began playing the tenor sax in fourth grade after joining the school band. He now studies Jazz performance at Towson University where he has also picked up the flute. Apart from Coltrane Mike credits much of his musical ability to A Tribe Called Quest and Miles Davis.


Zachary McKinney

Zach is THE zen master. As a certified Yoga Instructor, he brings practice and patience into everything he does from the yoga mat to the stage. Originally, Zach began as a classical singer, but found a passion for the sax after discovering Coltrane in high school and has loved it ever since. He graduated from Towson University with a degree in Jazz performance.